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Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Level 2

Training and Assessment Course

The Business Improvement Techniques NVQ is a nationally recognised qualification, developed as a means of improving business performance. NVQ’s are traditionally delivered over six to twelve months, however CEL Training has developed a unique model that can be delivered in 12 weeks consisting of 4 days of intensive, 'on the job’ training for each learner. Delivered to groups of no more than 10 learners, the training will focus on the specific challenges of your organisation.

CEL Training will provide your staff with the tools and techniques to successfully promote continuous business improvement, by implementing lean processes and eliminating waste. Improvements to your organisation will be both quantifiable and sustainable, having a direct, positive impact on quality, costs and lead time performance.

Key employer benefits

Improved staff motivation and effectiveness; a direct reduction in operating costs and waste; and overall, sustainable performance improvement.

Key learner benefits

Achieving a nationally recognised qualification, creating a better work environment; increase in morale and motivation; as well as personal benefits though applying these skills outside of the workplace.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for employees of all levels who work within the following sectors: Health and Social Care; Food and Drink; Manufacturing; Hospitality; Chemical Cluster; Advanced; Engineering and Metals; Ports and Logistics; Construction; Bioscience; Digital; Administration; Leisure; Prisons.

Course outline

To improve organisations in respect of productivity, quality, efficiency and profitability by using tried and tested techniques.

These objectives are achieved through a managed programme of change.  Each course content can be tailored to suit your organisations's aims and objectives and is agreed through consultation and evaluation of your organisation.

What organisation goals does this course relate to?

•    improving productivity;      

•    enhancing teamwork;

•    increasing staff morale;

•    increasing profitability;

•    reducing costs;

•    implementing change;

•    implementing best practice methods;

•    identifying and eliminating waste;

•    growing the organisation.

Delivery of training   

Training is delivered to groups of 8 – 10 people.  The training programme consists of 4 days of ‘on the job’ based activity and work place training.

How is the NVQ assessed?

The assessor will evaluate the competence of the candidate as an individual and as part of the group.  The assessor will also provide guidance, support, necessary documentation and knowledge whilst the course is being undertaken.

Customer price per person

As full Government  funding is available for this programme there is potentially no cost to your organisation.  However commercial rates can be discussed, should funding criteria not be applicable.


For further details contact Mike Gregory, Business Development Director

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